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 How evil are my shenanigans?   Not too evil, just evil enough!

Chocolate Cupcake - Surprise Inside!

I am a part-time culinary student who has a full-time passion for food – and if that food is dessert or bread all the better.  I have lots of things to say about food and baking and am happy to share the recipes I try.  In fact, I like to share because I want everyone to be able to try the things I talk about. 

I prefer my baked goods to be from scratch and made with fresh ingredients, but that does not exclude recipes that may contain (gasp!) a cake mix or other convenience food.  My number one rule is that it taste good and be honest.  (If it is cake mix I will tell you, and I shall not be ashamed!  Well, not much anyway) 

In a former life I sang opera.  I bellydance for fun.  If I could live in any other place, I would live in Dublin, Ireland.  I love reading and writing, but have more talent with the former than the latter.  I may be obsessed with Nigella Lawson.   One day I shall open my own bakery and you will all be invited!

I am happily married, have three dogs, I love hockey, I am a proud Texan, and I have perpetually messy house.

Life is good!

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